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CICADA(Film Adaptation)

Cicada is a Sci-Fi short film adapted from the stage play "Cicada", created by James D. Gavins & Karl Michael Iglesias. Through storytelling, music, movement, and comedy, we follow James as he journeys through his past to receive his reparations.

"In a parallel universe, they have decided to give out Reparations. We follow James, who has been chosen to beta test a psychotherapy simulator that will ease the trauma from black history in America called Cicada."

Written,Performed & Directed by James D. Gavins
Also Starring the Voices of Jill Huguet & Dom Ricks
Filmed & Post Prod: by Mind-You-Mental Production
Original Score by Kevin Macleod
In Partnership with the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery Virtual Environments Lab @wid_ve


  • Screenplay(Film Adaptation)

  • Executive Producer

  • Extra

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