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Teaching Artist
Curriculum Builder

"My mission as a youth arts educator is to provide innovative creative spaces that offers personal & artistic development for youth. Youth voice will always be the content, I just provide the direction."
- James D Gavins

DAY2DAY: Art Installation

The DAY2DAY installation includes paintings, video, and audio, creating an immersive experience expressing the concerns and hopes the children have for the community and themselves.

Students explored topics such as the educational system, food desserts, social lives (including cyberbullying and depictions in social media) and safety. This was created as part of Youth Arts Initiatives.

Youth from the Fitzsimmonds Boys & Girls Clubs YAI Program brainstormed/discussed the themes,painted pieces collaboratively, and created a sound design for the room as well as recorded conversations to be listened to via headphones connected to the paintings.

This project was cofacilitated by James D Gavins and Vedale Hill.

Curriculum Length:6 Weeks

Day2Day Recap Video


IN GENERAL is a stage play about a boy who lives in a distant future where his fate is decided by a device, the UCUBE.


The adults the students interact with are all teaching virtually on screens and teach multiple classes at once. We follow him on a day where he will take the test to figure out what his future shall be. 


IN GENERAL was co-directed by Cedric Gardner & James D Gavins. The Script was written by James D Gavins. Dance Choreography & Set Design by Cedric Gardner. Youth from the Fitzsimmonds & Davis Boys and Girls Club  YAI Programs executed this work using dance choreography, voiceover, acting, and theater etiquette.

Curriculum Length: 6 Weeks

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